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Eportfolio storytelling as 'everyday theorising'. Exploring professional learning narratives, digital 'becoming' and blogging as transformative socio-cultural spaces. ISSOTL 2006

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Blogging/becoming/being still to become...

It's not beginnings and endings that count, but middles. Things and thoughts advance or grow out from the middle, that's where you have to get to work, that's where everything unfolds. (Deleuze 1995: 161) 


This webfolio will consider and showcase the stories and development of critical reflective practitioners within a community of practice (Lave and Wenger 1991, Wenger et al 2005) of pre-service teachers utilising the blogging tool within an eportfolio. The case study will focus upon the eliteracies and narratives within a group of new teachers and their use of a weblog as a transformational storying and learning space.


And because the stories were held here in fluid form, they retained the ability to change, to become new versions of themselves, to join up with other stories and so become yet other stories. (Rushdie 1990: 73) 


Through a scaffolded critical pedagogy lens the possibilities created for digital storytelling and pedagogic conversations within this learning landscape it is suggested may produce teacher and learner critical subjects and authors.


Blogs, as web communication tools, and community landscapes are well established. However, their use as a technology and educational learning space within professional programmes such as Teacher Education for the post-compulsory sector within the United Kingdom is under theorised and under examined. This webfolio will contribute to this debate by considering how a reflective community may be created, fostered and exploited.  


Look before you leap is criticism's motto. Leap before you look is creativity's. (E.M.Forster 1951)  


On risk taking, speeding journeys and exciting digital literacies: metaphor, music and image. Wenger et al’s (2005: 1) recent work focuses upon ‘communities… and the technologies they use to create a sense of togetherness.’ This work offers an interesting and important extension of the community model by exploring how communities and technologies may shape each other. Following Wenger leads us to question explicitly the role of the technology, the ePortfolio and weblog, as fostering and supporting the community and their reflective practices in transition from University to the workplace.  


My journeys and narratives of becoming an ePortfolio learner and teacher have quite literally been wonderfully terrible, or maybe terribly wonderful? You can share the journey here. 

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