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ThoughtThe Photographers Eye


for all those that can't get hold of the John Szarkowskis book here is a link to a page that may be of some use.


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Subject: Re: The Photographers Eye
Posted by: NICOLE CHAMBERS on 01 October 2010 20:54
Thank you! :D


Subject: Re: The Photographers Eye
Posted by: matthew ryan (Unverified) on 01 October 2010 21:28
thanks :)


Subject: Re: The Photographers Eye
Posted by: Rudolf Fairbanks (Unverified) on 14 November 2018 08:53
First of all I really want to thank you. For letting we know about the author and his different stories. After checking your link I really inspired with his work. There is something unique in his work. John Szarkowskis is definitely a great author. He deserves all the appreciation. What you shared here is great.

I was waiting for more posts like this from you. Author John Szarkowski's introduction to The Photographers Eye is a brilliant piece of writing. This post really inspired me to learn more about the art of photography. I think have got a good opportunity go through with this blog. The content also helped me to add more depth to the concept he discussed earlier. It is with same concepts, and a complete bunch of black and white photos. These make them to back up. This is enormous and much valuable. But in some sort this is not exactly what I had actually in mind.

I have gone through with some sites to know more about the author. I came to know that John Szarkowski is the guru behind the photography. But only few of them know that he gave lot of contribution to the placement of photography. He also gives equal importance to painting and sculpture. I can say that John Szarkowski is such a great photographer. This piece of writing serves as great catalogue of a traveling exhibition of his works. In all the way it is quite informative.

Now I now become a big fan of John Szarkowski since I started reading his book. It is a great collection of natural work. I really liked this book very much. I really stuck with writing about his. This is because I am not getting enough words. I have added The Photographers Eye book to my collection. It is the third book I am collecting. And I was not at all disappointed. I think his work is not familiar to the outside. And only few people aware of him. It is a great loss to the people. We must follow such great writers.

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Subject: Himanshu
Posted by: Himanshu (Unverified) on 08 January 2019 11:32
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